If you are sick of struggling day to day in practice, are overworked and underpaid, are "tied to the table," are at the will of insurance companies and becoming disillusioned as practice is but a shadow of what it should yourself a favor and read on...


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The Niche Kings

 We teach Chiropractors EVERYTHING necessary to create Million Dollar (7-Figure) Flywheel

Staff-Driven Practices. 

With us, you will learn how to deliver PHENOMENAL results to your patients while substantially increasing your earnings using cash-based repeatable and powerful protocols.


 Complete Practice Success and Freedom through... 

Niche Training:

Neuropathy, Knee, Shoulder, Plantar Fasciitis 

Doctor Training


Staff / CA Training


Report of Findings  Videos


TV and Radio Commercials


Proven Patient Results


Truthfully Answer These Questions

  • Do you find yourself staying in "NICHE" groups to simply use their Pre-Report Videos?¬†WE GOT YOU!

  • Are you sick of learning from¬†EGO-Driven DC's who haven't practiced in years? WE GOT YOU!

  • Want to plug into the minds of 2 DC's who are STILL IN PRACTICE¬†doing 150k-250k/month in cash collections? WE GOT YOU!

  • We offer multiple tiers of help to the profession. Everything from access to ROF videos to everything involved in creating a 7-Figure Flywheel practice (Neuropathy, Knee, Shoulder, Plantar Fasciitis, Protocols, Hiring, Marketing, etc.)¬†WE GOT YOU!


What can you expect from the Niche Kings?

Our expertise lies in teaching DC's to scale up their practices by launching niches. Foundational to this is that we teach you exact protocols and procedures that lead to excellent patient results while freeing up your time and energy. We help build the practice that most DC's once dreamed of. 

This means more time, more money, and a team who's inspired and taken care of. 

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Meet The Creators Of Niche Kings

Dr. Matthew Christenson grew up with humble beginnings in Fargo, North Dakota and went to undergraduate school at North Dakota State University. At 17 he suffered an autoimmune reaction to a flu vaccine (RA) that left him incapacitated and on many prescription medications. Chiropractic and functional medicine saved his life so he decided to pursue it as a career. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with his DC degree in 2010 and was selected by his colleagues as class commencement speaker. Within six months of graduation he moved to Texas and started a 100% cash high-volume practice and gratefully served thousands of patients up until he and his family felt called back to North Dakota. He got into niches accidentally after tearing his ACL and having a botched surgery.¬†Through this adversity he developed a one-of-a-kind KNEE program that helped him get his life back and since has taught many doctors how to implement the knee niche.¬†DC‚Äôs including big name ‚Äúconsultants‚ÄĚ from around the country started seeking his insight on how to fix knees. Knowing the value of this he started coaching doctors and has helped many reach seven figures per year in their practices.¬†Since that time he has mastered multiple niches. Dr. Matthew has spoken across the country to thousands, and has helped many doctors join the 7 figures per year club.¬†His passion is helping doctors discover, develop and deploy their gifts to the Lord's people and make great livings in doing so. In his free time he enjoys being a father, growing in his Faith, reading, classic cars and the outdoors.¬†*Romans 10:9¬†*Romans 8:28

Dr. Justin Wubben is a dedicated chiropractor and entrepreneur, noted for his innovative approaches to treating complex cases, neuropathy, and developing growth strategies in the chiropractic field. After receiving his Doctorate from Northwestern Health Sciences University, Dr. Wubben’s extraordinary efforts were recognized by the South Dakota Chiropractors Association, earning him the Rising Star Award in his first year of practice. Dr. Wubben has always been driven by a passion for solving complex cases and pushing the boundaries of traditional chiropractic methods. He has invested substantially in training for marketing, personal development, and leadership, using these skills to reshape his practice and improve patient outcomes. His career milestones include serving a four-year term as president of the Sioux Empire Chiropractic Society, a board member position with the South Dakota Chiropractors Association, and delivering lectures to chiropractors across the nation for nearly a decade. His expertise also led him to co-author an Amazon #1 best seller in the category of global marketing. The pinnacle of Dr. Wubben’s career came when he scaled his practice by an impressive 800% during a global lockdown. His leadership also guided his first associate to achieve $1.4M in collections right out of chiropractic school. Dr. Wubben’s journey is not just about personal success. Today, his primary mission is to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with his peers. He is committed to empowering other chiropractors to excel in clinical excellence and business performance, fostering a chiropractic community that continually raises the bar for health and wellness.


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